National Night Out

national night out

National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that encourages residents to get out in the community, holding block parties and getting to know their neighbors is a way to encourage crime prevention and create community. It’s a great way to enjoy a Minnesota summer evening surrounded by friends and family. NNO is celebrated the first Tuesday evening in August every year.  In 2020 it falls on August 4th.  Every block club event is individually planned.  NNO out parties range from an informal potluck in someone’s yard to a closed off street with more formal games and activities. Here is a list of activities last year in Seward:

  • 23xx 25 Av S Food, play games and invite guest speakers.   5-10p
  • 31xx 25 St E  Pot luck-Kids games 6-9p
  • 20xx 28 Av S  Pot luck, games in the street, door prizes 4-10p
  • 22xx 28 Av S Eat, hang out! 6-10p
  • 25xx 28 Av S  Social gathering with pot luck/music 5-10p
  • 25xx 29 Av S Fun/festivities, food/drinks, games/kids, music/live DJ, much more! 5-10p
  • 26xx 29 Av S Grill/iPod w/speakers for music/chairs. Info table for n’hood org. Kids play… 5-9p
  • 9xx 29 Av S July 28: 4:30-6pm Seward Tower East– music, food, games, vendors 4:30-7pm
  • 21xx 30 Av S  Block party/picnic 6-9p 3 Seward 23xx 30 Av S 50 BBQ Picnic 6-10p
  • 24xx 30 Av S  Potluck meal and children’s activities to be held in the street 6-10p
  • 25xx 30 Av S  Pot luck, games, raffle, classic autos, grilling 6:30-9p
  • 23xx 32 Av S  Potluck, socializing 6-8p 3 Seward 24xx 32 Av S 30 NNO Block Party! 6-9p
  • 25xx 32 Av S  Street bowling, scooter races, potluck/water balloon fights. 6-8p
  • 24xx 33 Av S  Food, gift bags, congregating with neighbors 5-9p
  • 24xx 34 Av S  potluck, Kid’s games, community announcements 6:30-10p
  • 25xx 34 Av S  Pot luck, games for kids, drawing, neighborhood updates 7-9p
  • 24xx 35 Av S  Potluck, door prizes, party in the street  5-10p
  • 26xx 35 Av S  BBQ, potluck, informal mtg to discuss any topics of interest, drawing 5-10p
  • 25xx 37 Av S  Grilling & pot luck, tables & chairs, talking and eating 7-8p
  • 26xx 37 Av S  Potluck, kids activities, drawings 6-10p
  • 25xx 38 Av S BBQ, Potluck, lawn furniture, casual conversation 5-10p
  • 22xx Milwaukee Av S  potluck 6-8p
  • 23xx Seabury Av S Picnic, games, meeting new neighbors 6-8:30p
  • 28xx S 9th St
  • Evergreen Dr

Block leaders can be as informal as the person who emails everyone, or creates a flyer to organize NNO, or they can register with the city of Minneapolis to access city resources and be an official block club leader for the city.  Whether you decide to register with the city or be a low key Seward Block leader please connect with

SNG provides resources for block club leaders to help organize their events including a gift bag with donations from local businesses.  Other neighborhood resources include Welna II provides each block club with a bag of goodies to raffle off and Seward Co-op has a limited amount of gift certificates to give to block leaders.

If you don’t know who your block club leader is please contact Sam Graff at Seward Neighborhood Group to find out your closest block club leader.

To learn more about National Night Out and the resources the City of Minneapolis provides go to If you want to close down your street for NNO you must register with the city.  Note: Not every street can be blocked off depending on the traffic flow. Generally, bus routes and high traffic streets cannot be used for block events.

You will need permission of 75% of your neighbors to be approved for street closure —keep their names and addresses handy in the event your permit application needs to be reviewed.

If you register by July 18 you can block your street for free. If you register from July 20 through July 27, there is a $100 fee (to the city of Minneapolis). You will not be able to block off your street if registering after July 27.