Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha 2015 Redesign

If you bike, walk or drive on Franklin, Minnehaha or Cedar Ave. near the intersection of all 3 streets you may have notice what a mess this intersection is.  After years of discussion it looks like there will finally be big changes to that area, Minnehaha Ave. north of Franklin and just in front of Taco Bell is going to be closed to traffic.

Our job now is to figure out what to do with all the new plaza space that will be created.  Do you want to get involved?  Various groups and people in the neighborhood, including SNG, Redesign, SPOKES (Cycles for Change) have been working for years to get improvements to the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha intersection to make it safer for people who drive, people who walk and people who bike. Hennepin County and Minneapolis Public Works have come up with a plan for improvements. It isn’t perfect but it is better than now. (and it fits in the very limited budget available in the two public works departments). The plan is for construciton late this summer. We’ve already talked with Metro Transit, the Fire Department Taco Bell, the new owners of the Blue Nile site.

Check out this blog post on the intersection.

There are three public meetings coming up about the plans:

Tuesday, January 26, 3 to 5 PM
General overview, Discussion about the new plaza that will be created.
Cycles for Change Minneapolis (Formerly SPOKES)
1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis
(1/2 block west of Minnehaha Avenue on 22nd Street)
Hosted by Cycles for Change and Seward Neighborhood Group

Wednesday, January 27, 5 to 6:30 PM
General overview and Bicycle and Pedestrian plans discussion with the County Engineers
Precision Grind Coffee, 2223 East Franklin, Minneapolis
Hosted by Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

Tuesday, February 9, 7 PM
Discussion and Neighborhood Approval Decision
Seward Neighborhood Group Community Development Meeting
Matthews Center, 2318 28th Avenue S, Minneapolis

Seward Winter Frolic Kick-Off

Come to the Winter Frolic Kick-Off at The Playwright’s Center! The Winter Frolic is Seward’s very own art crawl that takes place in homes and businesses the first weekend in December. Start it off right at the kick-off!

Enjoy Seward’s writers and performance artists, and experience great food and wine from Seward businesses. The talented lineup includes Seward writers Patricia Cumbie, Rachel Moritz and Madelon Sprengnether, and dance performances by Dans Askina and speed painting by JAO.

Friday, December 4th
$15 per person
$25 per couple

All proceeds go to Seward Neighborhood Group

Seward Spread Joy Fund applications due date extended!

The Seward Spread Joy Fund due date is now October 28th!

See application and guidelines here:
fill out an application!

Greenway Glow Arts Festival: Sat. 9/26/2020

Join the Midtown Greenway Coalition for the community Glow Arts Festival.  Featuring community art, live performances, local food, craft beer, and more!  Saturday, September 26th, 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. along the Midtown Greenway.

Artists will create special installations and give live performances along the trail.  The arts festival is FREE, but we invite you to register as a VIP to help raise funds for the Midtown Greenway!  VIPs get:

  • + Appetizers from Krishna’s Delights
  • + 2 craft beers from Eastlake Craft Brewery at the Pop-Up Beer garden at 2601 28th Ave S (next to Lawless Distilling), 4 – 9 p.m.
  • A $10 gift card for Lawless Distilling’s cocktail lounge (to be used at a later date, in the weeks following the event)
  • + ice cream
  • + glowing lights! 
  • The chance to win cool bike lights and prizes from QBP.
  • + glow-in-the-dark t-shirts if you choose to raise/donate funds!

Don’t miss the pop-up Beer Garden in the Ivy Building Parking lot, presented by Eastlake Craft Brewery.  4 – 9 p.m. at 2601 28th Ave S (next to Lawless Distilling).

Note:  The event is 5-miles long and outside.  It will take place at two-dozen small outdoor locations along the Greenway.  Social distancing measures will be in place.  No more than 25 people at a time will be allowed to view any art installation, and social distancing areas will be marked.   Please maintain social distances of 6 feet or more from all artists and others at the festival.   Masks are mandatory for everyone.  Please bring a mask and hand sanitizer and have fun visiting the art and celebrating our community!   View our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

For more information and to register or donate CLICK HERE.

2015 Garden Tour

Join us for this year’s Seward Garden Tour and Tea Party! The Tour will run from 6-8pm on June 25th, rain or shine. There will be an after party at 8pm with door prizes, snacks and drinks!

Tickets are $10 in advance, or $15 day-of. You can purchase yours at Mother Earth Gardens, Welna II Hardware, or at the SNG office. All proceeds benefit the Seward Neighborhood Group.



Raingarden Workshop

A raingarden is a shallow depression that is designed to capture rainwater and allow it to soak into the ground within a 24-48 hour period. SNG Environment Committee welcomes you to attend a workshop about planning and installing your own raingarden! This FREE workshop by Metro Blooms is scheduled for Monday, June 22 from 6:30-8:00pm at Matthews Center. More than 7,000 people have attended Metro Blooms Raingarden Workshops, come and see what all the hype is about!

Vehicle Security Checklist

Tips to prevent vehicle-related theft:

  1. Lock your vehicle to reduce opportunity of theft. Lock doors while driving and upon exiting the vehicle.
  2. Do not leave keys in your vehicle.
  3. Do not leave valuables in vehicles. This includes items such as purses, laptops, iPods, sunglasses, and loose change. Remove face plates of after-market stereos.  If you must transport valuables, place them in the trunk prior to reaching your destination.
  4. Do not leave garage door opener in plain view; treat it as a key to your property.
  5. Pay attention to unusual behavior in your neighborhood. Call 911 to report suspicious persons or activity. Since a majority of these crimes are occurring at night, be especially alert to noises such as breaking glass.
  6. Close windows when vehicle is parked and avoid having windows wide open when driving.
  7. Always park in well-lit areas.
  8. Utilize secure parking. A majority of vehicle-related thefts occur to vehicles parked on the street.
  9. Use visible deterrents such as the steering wheel bar, also called the “Club,” to make a vehicle difficult to steal. If you have an alarm system in your vehicle, use it.
  10. Do not leave vehicles running unattended. Minneapolis police may issue citations to unattended parked vehicles left running on the street or in the alley.

For questions, contact:
Don Greeley, Crime Prevention Specialist, Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct, (612) 673-3482
John Baumann, Crime Prevention Specialist, Midtown Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave. S., (612) 825-6138

Fire Safety & Prevention Spring Cleanup List

  • Change your Smoke Alarm Batteries! – if you haven’t already done so (daylight savings is a reminder to “change your clock, change your batteries”), please change the batteries in your smoke alarms. If your smoke alarm is older than 7 years old, then replace it, preferably with a style that includes a 10-year Lithium battery. This style includes a battery that lasts 10 years! You should have smoke alarms on each level of your home, as well as one inside each bedroom. And remember, test your smoke detectors each month. If you, or someone you know, needs a smoke alarm, please call 612-673-3184 or Minneapolis 311.
  • Yard Waste related Garage Fires – we see an increase in garage fires when people put their bags of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) out for pick up, usually set next to their garage near their garbage cans. These bags attract young fire starters who drop lit matches or burning material into the bags as they are walking by. You can help prevent these fires by setting your yard waste bags out for pick up on the DAY OF PICK UP and no earlier. If you see someone setting these bags on fire, please dial 911 to report it.
  • Bonfires / Recreational Fires – if you would like to enjoy a recreational fire on your property, just make sure it meets the guidelines set forth by the Minneapolis Fire Department. The fire must be contained in a fire pit or free standing structure meant for bonfires; you can ONLY burn Untreated wood – nothing else; the amount of untreated wood must not exceed 3 feet wide or 2 feet tall; the fire must be 25 feet away from any structure or combustible material; you must have a garden hose or fire extinguisher ready; you can only burn between 9am-10pm, and when winds are less than 10mph. More details on the rules for Minneapolis recreational fires can be found here: RecreationalFireRules
  • Grilling Out? – make sure your grill is 15 feet from your home, and that you store charcoal, propane, lighter fluid, and other burning materials in the garage or storage shed away from ignition sources such as matches and lighters. Teach children that the grill is HOT (even if it doesn’t look hot), and keep them well away from the grill at all times.
  • If you live in a multi-residential property, open flame, fire pits, fire places, chimineas and propane (LP) fueled grills with tanks greater than one (1) pound capacity are not allowed on balconies, roofs or within 15 feet of the exterior of multi-unit residential buildings. Ashes and hot coals are not to be stored in combustible receptacles or within 10 feet of combustible materials or combustible construction. More details can be found here: GrillingRules


Home Security Checklist

  1. Are your doors locked whether you are in the house or not?
  2. Is your front door locked while you are in the back yard (and vice versa)?
  3. Do you lock your doors when you leave the house for even a few minutes?
  4. Do you pin your windows? Are they locked when closed?
  5. Are your basement windows locked or permanently secured with screws or bars?
  6. Do you keep your garage doors closed and locked at all times?

Does your home look occupied?

  1. When you are gone for the evening, do you leave an outdoor and outdoor light on?
  2. Do you leave a radio or TV on when your home is not occupied?
  3. When you go on vacation do you have someone:
  • watch your house?
  • move drapes, shades, and blinds?
  • mow the lawn/shovel snow?
  • collect mail and newspapers?

Do you practice yard security?

  1. Do you keep valuables such as bicycles and lawn equipment locked up and out of sight?
  2. Do you lock up tools and ladders after you use them?
  3. Do you keep shrubbery and bushes well trimmed?
  4. If you have a fence, can your neighbors see through it or over it?
  5. If you have exterior lights, do they prevent shadows where burglars could hide at night?
  6. Do you have lights on dusk to dawn at entrances?

Do you practice overall security?

  1. Do you have a block contact list with neighbors’ names, phone numbers, and addresses by your phone?
  2. Do you know how to report suspicious activity or crimes to the police? Do your children know how to report?
  3. Do you ask strangers at your door for proper identification before talking to them?
  4. Do your children tell strangers that you’re “busy” rather than you’re “not home”?
  5. If someone came to the door needing help, would you make the phone call to the police (or other necessary calls) rather than letting the person come in?

For further crime prevention resources, please visit here.

Register your Bike!

Do you plan on going for some springtime bike rides?

Keep in mind that thousands of bikes are stolen in Minneapolis every year. Though many are recovered, most lack identification and are never returned to their owners.

Find out how to register your bike and help ensure that if yours if ever lost or stolen, it can be returned to you here.