Seward Garage Sale Days

The Seward Garage Sale Days are coming up! Friday May 15th and Saturday May 16th will be the official dates.  Seward Neighborhood Group puts together a map of the participating houses and advertises the event. This is a great opportunity for some spring cleaning and neighborhood fun!

Registration is $18 and gets you on the official map that is advertised widely.

Registration Deadline is Friday, May 8th.

Register here!


Seward Spread Joy Fund

Seward Spread Joy Fund: Winner Announcement

The Seward Spread Joy Fund is a grant program made possible by an anonymous donor and administrated by the Seward Neighborhood Group. Its intention is to provide up to $1,000 every year to allow one Seward resident to have an experience that benefits them or the neighborhood that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Applicants must not receive physical gain from the grant, they must have lived in Seward for at least three years, and they must make a report of their experience.

At the Seward Neighborhood Group Board meeting in January, qualifying applications for the Seward Spread Joy Fund were placed in a jar to be chosen at random. This year, the winner is Seward’s own Sonja Casey!

Sonja Casey will use the support she received from the Seward Spread Joy Fund to travel as a volunteer Spanish/English interpreter to Quiroga, Bolivia this March. She will be traveling with a non-profit organization MELA (Medical Educators for Latin America) and will be working to open a health center with another non-profit Mano a Mano.  Mano a Mano is a non-profit that opens clinics in rural Bolivia to serve their communities.

During this trip, Sonja plans to travel to Peru to explore Machu Picchu and climb the Inca trail with a few colleagues.  Congratulations Sonja! We look forward to hearing about your experience!


Stay tuned for more information about the Seward Spread Joy Fund! Next year’s winners will be picked at SNG’s Annual Meeting in November.

King’s Fair Planning Committee

This year’s King’s Fair is scheduled for Saturday, September 19th and will be bigger and better than ever before! SNG is forming a planning committee for this event. If you are interested, please call Kerry at 612-877-1928 or email at