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The Seward Spread Joy Fund

NOTE:  In 2021, administration of the Seward Spread Joy Fund was disrupted due to COVID and organizational dysfunction.  We hope that the SSJF will return in 2023. 

The Seward Spread Joy Fund (SSJF) helps fund unique experiences for members of the Seward community.  Each year the SSJF awards a grant of up to $1,000 to a Seward resident who wishes to do something that is beyond their means.  The SSJF is made available by an anonymous donor. 

1.  An applicant must currently live in Seward and have been a resident for at least three years.  There is no age limit. 
2.  The grant must benefit the recipient in an experiential way (e.g. a class, an adventure, travel).  The grant cannot be use for tangible items.  Exception:  a grant application that includes a tangible item that benefits the community may still be considered as long as the idea includes an experiential component (e.g. materials to build a bench that neighborhood residents could use).
3.  The grant must fund something that would have been difficult for to the applicant to experience without the assistance of the SSJF.
4.  No more than one application may be submitted per individual each year.
5.  SNG board members and SNG employees are NOT eligible.
6.  The awardee must sign a contract agreeing to report on their experience.
7.  Seward Neighborhood Group retains the right to deny any application that does not adhere to these guidelines.

Application forms will be available once the program is revived.