Contact Us

SNG Staff:

Kerry Cashman, Executive Director
612-338-6205, x119

Doug Wise, Housing Coordinator
612-338-6205, x102

Faisal Aideed, Seward Towers Community Organizer

Sam Graf, Community Organizer
612-338-6205, x106

Liza Davitch, Administrative Assistant
612-338-6205 x108

Michele Braley, Restorative Justice

SNG Office Located At:
2323 E. Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55406
Main Phone: 612 338 6205
Office Hours: 11-3 Monday-Friday. Or by Appointment.
*PLEASE NOTE: Office hours will be limited in December and early January for the Holidays. Please call ahead to make sure someone is in the office.

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  1. Is there an active group in Seward neighborhood working on rain gardens on private property? Faith Mennonite Church is looking to establish a garden. Thank you