Governance Documents

Engagement Plan

SNG is currently working on revising our engagement plan and will have an updated plan in early 2023. 

Bylaws (View PDF)

The Seward Neighborhood Group bylaws guide the actions and decisions of SNG and its board. SNG adopted new bylaws in February, 2022 based on current nonprofit best practices, feedback from the community, input from board members and vigorous discussion and debate.

Our commitment to accessibility

SNG  invites and encourages participation by all residents to each and every one of our organized programs, services and events. As some of our programming has moved online, please reach out if you need assistance setting up or understanding Zoom or any of the Google forms we use. You can reach our staff by calling emailing

Pronoun statement

SNG recognizes that name and gender identity are central to most individuals’ sense of self and well-being, and that it is important for SNG to establish mechanisms to acknowledge and support individuals’ self-identification. One way we can support identity is by honoring the name and pronouns that each of us go by. Many people might go by a name in daily life that is different from their legal name. In our gatherings, we seek to refer to people by the names that they go by. Pronouns can be a way to affirm someone’s gender identity, but they can also be unrelated to a person’s identity. They are simply a public way in which people are referred to in place of their name (e.g. “he” or “she” or “they” or “ze” or something else). At all SNG Board and committee meetings, you are invited (if you want to) to share what pronouns you go by, and we seek to refer to people using the pronouns that they share. The pronouns someone indicates are not necessarily indicative of their gender identity.

Land acknowledgement statement

Minneapolis is situated on the homelands of the Dakota people. An area that is steeped in rich Indigenous history, and today is home to Indigenous people from more than 30 different nations. As a City, we have a responsibility to care for the land on which we live and work and all its natural surroundings. This stewardship is an integral part of our involvement in SNG, and we honor it.

Grievance Procedure (View PDF)

It is the intent of the the Seward Neighborhood Group to treat all members and stakeholders of the Seward Neighborhood fairly and equitably. Any group or person who is eligible for participation in the activities of the Seward Neighborhood Group or otherwise directly affected by the actions of SNG may file a grievance according to this procedure. 

Financial Statements

Financial Reports for the Fiscal Year 2022 are linked below. Please note there were no financial records for June. 

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