Fire Safety & Prevention Spring Cleanup List

  • Change your Smoke Alarm Batteries! – if you haven’t already done so (daylight savings is a reminder to “change your clock, change your batteries”), please change the batteries in your smoke alarms. If your smoke alarm is older than 7 years old, then replace it, preferably with a style that includes a 10-year Lithium battery. This style includes a battery that lasts 10 years! You should have smoke alarms on each level of your home, as well as one inside each bedroom. And remember, test your smoke detectors each month. If you, or someone you know, needs a smoke alarm, please call 612-673-3184 or Minneapolis 311.
  • Yard Waste related Garage Fires – we see an increase in garage fires when people put their bags of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) out for pick up, usually set next to their garage near their garbage cans. These bags attract young fire starters who drop lit matches or burning material into the bags as they are walking by. You can help prevent these fires by setting your yard waste bags out for pick up on the DAY OF PICK UP and no earlier. If you see someone setting these bags on fire, please dial 911 to report it.
  • Bonfires / Recreational Fires – if you would like to enjoy a recreational fire on your property, just make sure it meets the guidelines set forth by the Minneapolis Fire Department. The fire must be contained in a fire pit or free standing structure meant for bonfires; you can ONLY burn Untreated wood – nothing else; the amount of untreated wood must not exceed 3 feet wide or 2 feet tall; the fire must be 25 feet away from any structure or combustible material; you must have a garden hose or fire extinguisher ready; you can only burn between 9am-10pm, and when winds are less than 10mph. More details on the rules for Minneapolis recreational fires can be found here: RecreationalFireRules
  • Grilling Out? – make sure your grill is 15 feet from your home, and that you store charcoal, propane, lighter fluid, and other burning materials in the garage or storage shed away from ignition sources such as matches and lighters. Teach children that the grill is HOT (even if it doesn’t look hot), and keep them well away from the grill at all times.
  • If you live in a multi-residential property, open flame, fire pits, fire places, chimineas and propane (LP) fueled grills with tanks greater than one (1) pound capacity are not allowed on balconies, roofs or within 15 feet of the exterior of multi-unit residential buildings. Ashes and hot coals are not to be stored in combustible receptacles or within 10 feet of combustible materials or combustible construction. More details can be found here: GrillingRules


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