CDC Volunteer Needed

The SNG Community Development Committee is in need of a meeting chair, see volunteer description below. If you are interested, please contact or for more details!

Seward Neighborhood Group
Community Development Committee

Title: Chair

Purpose: The historic role of the Community Development Committee (CDC) has been to review proposed development projects in the neighborhood and make recommendations to the Seward Neighborhood Group Board of Directors and the City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) committee about the disposition of such projects including the use of public funds. The Committee still carries out this function and generally provides citizen review of development projects in Seward Neighborhood. For more information, visit:

Meeting day, time, location: 2nd Tuesday of each month 7pm Sept-May, 6 or 6:30pm June-Aug – Matthews Park Optional: 4th Wednesday of the month (Board Meetings), 7pm – Matthews Park

Key Responsibilities: The chair will ensure CDC meetings are run smoothly and that all attendees are able to voice opinions and ask questions as they desire. Ensure that no one attendee(s) is allowed to dominate discussions and that no one topic on a given agenda is given extra time so as to supersede or take time away from other agenda items. Ensure that action items are facilitated smoothly and that motions are fairly voted upon, including by voice vote and, if necessary, by count of hands vote. Coordinate meeting agenda with the SNG Housing Coordinator and other stakeholders. Reports activity to and seeks input from the SNG Board of Directors at regular meetings. It is preferred, but not required, that the CDC chair serves as a member of the Seward Neighborhood Group Board of Directors.

Time commitment per week or season: 3 hours/month (2 hours committee meeting, 1 hour prep activity as needed). Optional: 1.5 hours/month Board meeting

Qualifications: Desire to better the Seward neighborhood, interest in neighborhood issues as they relate to community development projects

Training/Support: Coordinate activities with the SNG Board, Executive Committee and the SNG Housing Coordinator

Helpful certifications/licenses/ experience: Prior leadership, public speaking and meeting facilitation experience help

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