Important Meeting regarding 29th Avenue Closure on January 31, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM at City Hall

We need help from residents in the final push to advocate for keeping 29th Avenue closed where it crosses the Midtown Greenway.


Can you attend this meeting with us?

City Council Transportation and Public Works Committee
Tuesday, January 31
9:30 am – 10:30 am at City Hall

The closure of 29th Avenue at the Greenway since May of 2015 has been a test, and despite the many safety benefits of the closure, the City has not yet committed to making it permanent, even after unanimous votes of support from the Seward and Longfellow neighborhoods.

During this meeting, staff will present multiple options, including an option to keep 29th closed, and an option to re-open it to northbound traffic, including trucks and commuter traffic. 29th Ave has been designated a Bike Boulevard and it is used by many students to bike to school. There are many other routes for truck and car traffic. We need residents at the meeting to make sure Council Members know how important it is to make the closure permanent. No public speaking required! Simply being present in the room makes a huge statement.


Since 2014, Seward Parents have been partnering with the City of Minneapolis on Safe Routes to School planning and implementation. It’s thanks to all of this work by parents and School & City staff that we are in a position to encourage the City to make this closure permanent. This meeting is a critical decision-point on the closure.

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