Here Comes the Rain … and what you can do about it.

Part 2 of the series: “When Climate Change Comes Home”
Thursday, May 18, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Longfellow Park Building
36th Ave. & 35th St.

Minnesota is already experiencing more mega-rain events and for the first time since weather has been measured in our state, we experienced two mega-rains in one year – in 2016.

How can we prepare for more extreme weather ahead?

·        How will the quality and safety of our water being affected?

·        Do you get water in your basement?

·        What about indoor mold growth?

·        Are you worried about flash floods?

·        What about toxic algae growth in our lakes,  will we see more of this in the near future?


Pat Huelman, University of Minnesota – Keeping water out of your home

TPT special “Climate and Health

Panelists Kelly Moriarty, engineer with the City of Minneapolis, Rob Czernak, permaculturist, and Tara Hanlon-Nevins, master water steward


SHARE what you know and help our community begin to develop an action plan. Where are we vulnerable to flooding? What can we do to prevent water from entering our homes? How can we prepare to bounce back after serious rains? How can we use our yards and boulevards to help with water infiltration?

See the full flyer here.

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