2018 Community Iftar on Tuesday May 29th

Please join SNG, Rawdah, CAIR, Bethany Lutheran Church and Augsburg
University for a community Iftar on May 29th at Rawdah Community Center
2532 25th Ave. South. An Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end their
daily Ramadan fast at sunset. We will share a meal with our Muslim and
non-Muslim sisters and brothers at sunset to bring unity and solidarity to
the Seward neighborhood. Please join us for fun, food, and great
conversation as we break our fast together during Ramadan.

Come at 8:15 for a tour of the Mosque or 8:30 for community time. We will
break the fast at Sunset. Please come and sit with someone new. This is a
chance to make new connections in the neighborhood.

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