RESCHEDULED! 7/18 History Walk Postponed to August 29

Seward Walk Rescheduled

Bob Roscoe’s History Walk program “How to Read a Building” has been rescheduled
from this Wednesday to August 29. The walk coordinators will convene at
Matthews Center for the crime and safety meeting scheduled by SNG for 6 to 7:30
p.m on Wed. 7/18 in place of the History Walk. Since the Seward Walks had their origin in crime and safety concerns, it might be a good idea to join the conversation with Shun Tillman, the Seward Crime Prevention Specialist. If there is interest, we will gather for a walk at the close of the crime and safety session this Wednesday.

On August 29 Seward Neighborhood’s author Bob Roscoe will join us at the Birchwood Cafe at 7p.m. for the architectural program.

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