Job Openings at SNG

Seward Neighborhood Group logo. Letters SNG in a red circle.

SNG and our neighborhood community have a history of welcoming and promoting diversity including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, religion, non-religion, culture, language, age, sexual orientation, gender, and socioeconomic status in our neighborhood.  We recognize that this diversity is part of our strength and character, and wish to encourage all to be thoughtful, respectful and tolerant of others, especially those who have come to start a new life, to give opportunity to their families and to protect them from hatred, bigotry and persecution for any reason. All are welcome here.

The Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG) is one of the oldest neighborhood organizations in Minneapolis. SNG was established in 1960 to make Seward a better place to live, work, and play and is recognized by the City of Minneapolis as the official citizen participation organization within the boundaries of the Seward neighborhood.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER:  Job description here.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Job description here.

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