Seward History Display at Minneapolis Central Library


Seward Neighborhood, A People’s History

In 2017 Seward Neighborhood was named one of the top five neighborhoods in the U.S. by the American Planning Association. Long known for its liberal politics and community activism, the neighborhood has a rich history which has contributed to its place at the top. Learn more about what makes Seward special–from its roots as a space for community and spiritual gathering, to its working-class homes for immigrants, from its loose liquor laws in the Hub of Hell, to its efforts to develop and maintain affordable housing–Seward is the people’s neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The display Seward Neighborhood, A People’s History is on view through January 2020 in the Special Collections department at Minneapolis Central Library. Or, check out the recently published book A People’s History of the Seward Neighborhood.

See the link HERE.

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