Welcoming Week Celebration 9/20 at Powderhorn Park

This year’s Welcoming Week celebration will be on September 20, 2019 from 2-6:30 p.m. at Powderhorn Park in partnership with the City of Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, Wellstone International High School and Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County.

The Welcoming Week celebration includes:

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About Welcoming Week Minneapolis

Welcoming Week is an opportunity to recognize the contributions and importance of immigrants to our communities and to demonstrate that Minneapolis is a Welcoming City. Get-togethers, readings, potlucks and sporting events are some ways that municipalities choose to celebrate and show welcome to our immigrant and refugee community members.
Minneapolis is part of Welcoming America, a network of cities and counties that foster an inclusive community and believe that, when everyone feels like they belong, communities prosper. Welcoming Cities believe that all people, including immigrants, are valuable contributors to society, vital to the success of our communities and to our shared future.



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