Seward Montessori Plant Sale Online Store Now Open

The best time of year to live in Minneapolis is coming soon! Are you ready? If you are
like most people in the neighborhoods of south Minneapolis you are chomping at the bit to get out into your garden or you know someone who is. Knowing a gardener in Minneapolis is similar to the Kevin Bacon principle, everyone knows someone who gardens! The online platform for ordering from the Seward Montessori Plant Sale has begun! You can bookmark this link to to place your order:

The Seward Plant Sale is not only to support great things a Seward Montessori
Elementary School, like the Peace Garden and Green Classroom, it is also a great way to fight global climate change and ecosystem loss and help the butterflies and bees! You have the opportunity to purchase beautiful annuals, herbs, and vegetables from Glacial Ridge Growers, a small family farm growing USDA Certified organic plants for over thirty years be part of their mission to “restore the native prairie and wetlands one backyard at a time!”

Glacial Ridge Growers is an innovative farming enterprise located three hours west of
Minneapolis near Glenwood, MN. The Stark family has been growing USDA certified organic plants to “restore rebuild and restore the native prairie and wetlands of Minnesota” that have been gobbled up by industrial farming. Jeremiah Stark, who grew up on the farm, uses controlled releases of ladybugs to eat common pests such as aphids that threaten their plants, instead of spraying with chemicals. Glacial Ridge Growers promotes eco-system restoration through propagation of our natives and organics, increasing bio-diversity, organic farming capacities and pollinator habitat. They sell Pollinator Packs of perennials that bees, monarchs and hummingbirds require to thrive. Their vegetables are nutritious and you can eat organic tomatoes right from your backyard or balcony pot that would cost you $4.50/lb at the Seward Coop! Heck,
maybe you can even sell to the Coop!? You can be part of the change when you plant neo-
nicothoid-organic plants that promote healthy pollinator activity! The Seward Plant Sale is a huge support to Glacial Ridge as they are experiencing a large number of order cancellations due to the Covid pandemic. You can learn more about the great work of Glacial Ridge Growers by watching this 8-minute video

Be sure to mark your calendars for Seward Plant Sale:
March 23rd through May 1st and be sure to pick up your plants (and buy more!) on May 8th and 9th in the Seward Gymnasium. Mathews Park is willing to accommodate us should we need to move the sale outside to spread out and insure we are following the important social distancing guidelines. Seward families are brainstorming protocols we can implement to make sure people assembling orders are not passing along more than plants!

For fun: download and draw the Seward Plant Sale Tshirt design 2020

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