Save Boneshaker Books!

Friends of Boneshaker Books,

So many of us were heartbroken when we heard that Boneshaker was closing. Today, we fight for a different end to this story… but we can’t do it without your support! 

A group of volunteers and community members has come together with blessing of the original collective to SAVE BONESHAKER BOOKS.

And here we are today. 48 hours after the launch of our fundraiser, we are just $2,500 away from our stretch goal of $20,000.

We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at the level of community support for the store. Donate today and help us get over the finish line!

If you’ve already donated–tell a couple friends why Boneshaker is so important to you, and share this link with them to donate:
-The Boneshaker Collective

P.S. We’re getting ready to launch two new online book clubs–the Politics of Pandemics and Anything-But-Pandemicssign up here!

Boneshaker staff

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