SNG Virtual Board Meeting June 24

Join us for the SNG Board of Directors meeting Wednesday June 24, 2020.
Zoom Meeting ID:

6:30    Introductions with Pronouns
Icebreaker Question: What is something you do better than most people?

6:45    Agenda & Minutes Approval
May BoD Minutes:

June Special Board Meeting Minutes:

6:50    Board candidates intro

  • We will have 11 board members after the June meeting, with the following in mind:
    • Ellen has to step down due to relocation of residence
    • Paige will be leaving in August
    • Alexis hopes to step back at end of July
  • We conducted board candidate screenings during the Special BoD meeting and this meeting.
  • An electronic ballot will then be sent out to board members for a vote after the 6/24 BoD meeting.
  • Candidates will be notified of the vote results following the voting process.
  • Current Candidates:

7:05    Ward 6 Update – inviting Yusra Arab and Ryan SanCartier
7:10    Ward 2 Update – Councilmember Cam Gordon
7:17    Financial Review – Paige

  • May financial reports

7:30    Culturally-Specific Food Drive Recap
7:40    Seward Business Fundraiser Update

  • Status of project and disbursements for round one
  • How to participate for discussions around round two disbursements

7:50    Seward Policing/Public Safety Discussions

  • Clarify the scope, goals, desired outcome, and plans for the outcome of the project.
    • Do we want to simply host community discussions or host discussions with goals of presenting to the City or other decision-making bodies?

8:05    Staffing Updates

  • Updates regarding staffing traits and skills meeting
  • Updates regarding potential use of consultants with organizational structure discussions and hiring process

8:10    Seeking Leadership Positions

  • Vice President or Co-President
  • Treasurer
    • Paige moving in August
    • Lisa has expressed willingness. If elected, this would open the at-large position on the Executive Committee
  • CDC Chair – without a staff person attending these meetings, it is best for a board member to chair the committee, rather than a community member.

8:20    MPRB’s Sanctuary Vote

Vote allows Minneapolis parks to be used as sanctuary for people experiencing homelessness

  • Do we want to provide any input on or a response to this decision?

8:25    Announcements

  • Voting on New Board Members
  • Please complete your vote at the below link

8:30    Adjourn

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