SNG Virtual Board Meeting June 24

Join us for the SNG Board of Directors meeting Wednesday July 22, 2020.
Zoom Meeting ID:


6:30 Introductions with Pronouns & 

Icebreaker Question: What is your favorite flower or plant?

6:40 Agenda & Minutes Approval

  • June BoD Minutes: 

6:45 Ward 6 Update – invited Yusra Arab and Ryan SanCartier

6:55 Ward 2 Update – Councilmember Cam Gordon 

7:05 Financial Review – Paige

  • Vote on 990
  • June financial reports

7:15 Committee Motions


  • Executive Committee


      • SNG retains Kerry Cashman as SNG staff to work up to two hours per week to support the executive director transition at an increased hourly pay of $50.00 hour. Mark Moves, Lisa seconds. Motion passes.
      • SNG hires as a contractor Michael Jon as an interim executive director at an hourly rate of $50.00 for 5-10 hours per week for a term not exceeding 3 months. Start date will be July 27th. Lisa moves, Paige seconds. Motion passes.
      • Motion: SNG will create a youtube account to share meetings and other items of community interest with the public. Lisa moves, Paige seconds. Motion passes. 


  • Community Development Committee


      • SNG co-authors a letter with Newport Midwest documenting the community engagement for the developer’s use with funding applications, namely one due at the end of July to the Metropolitan Council. The committee approved use of the draft letter with slight edits as deemed necessary by Alexis. Sheldon moves. Lisa seconds. Motion passes. Chris abstains.
      • Action: Article in next SNG newsletter about compassion toward neighbors in tents in Matthews Park. (draft article for review/discussion)


  • Community Building Committee


      • Motion on discussing support from SNG for Defunding Police. Tiger to draft a statement defining what defunding the police might mean. This is a draft that will be offered to the Board for discussion. Tiger moves. Chris seconds. Motion passes.


  • Equity and Inclusion Committee
  • SNG’s Equity and Inclusion committee advocates for defunding the police department as described in the proposed Charter Commission Amendment and we ask SNG to endorse efforts to pass the Charter Commission Amendment. Tiger moves, Lisa seconds. Motion passes.


7:30 Ward 6 Town Hall Recap

7:35 Seward Business Relief and Rebuild Fund Update (SCCA, Redesign, SNG)

7:40 Contractor for Staff Job Duties & ED Search Update

7:50 Staffing Updates

  • Kerry is SNG’s liaison on SCCA board
    • Would entertain motion to allow Kerry to stay on as our liaison to their board.
    • Staff reports should be in board folder by meeting
    • Updates on staff engagement

8:00 Community Engagement During Covid

  • Check-in with the board about our current plan of no in-person events, meetings, or community engagements.
  • Current strategy is to not have or limit in-person engagements to ensure higher-risk neighbors don’t have to be exposed to participate in activities.

8:05 Seeking Leadership Positions


  • Vice President


    • Voting in August to allow newer board members to see potential candidates in action
  • Treasurer Vote in July
    • Paige moving/leaving in August
    • Abdi has been nominated by Lisa
  • CDC Chair – Without a staff person attending these meetings, it is best for a board member to chair the committee, rather than a community member. 

8:15 Review Bylaws

  • No substantial update since 2010.
  • Current proposed changes were worked on in Fall 2019.
  • Asking board members to review proposed bylaws and make comments/suggestions for changes.
  • Potential to vote on proposed revisions as soon as August.

8:20 Discussion of Defunding the Police (discussion request from CBC)8:30 Adjourn



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