Staff Changes at SNG: Letter from Kerry Cashman

Dear friends and Neighbors in Seward,
I have big news. After over 11 years working for Seward Neighborhood Group, I have decided to leave my position on staff. I will be ending my term at SNG at the end of July. In September I will increase my hours at Seward Montessori School as the Family Liaison (I will not be leaving the beautiful bubble that is Seward).
I have been so honored to work for and with all of you all these years. Over the years, I have worked with so many of you and have seen the amazing amounts of work that many Seward neighbors give to this neighborhood. We are all truly blessed to have each other and to live in a neighborhood with a strong community, great bike and walking routes, great local businesses and the beautiful Mississippi River.
In another time I would have loved to host a party to say goodbye to all of you in person. Ideally, that party would be my last chance to make my mark as Executive Director at SNG. I would have asked you to come celebrate with me and possibly give a donation to SNG in my name. Sadly, Covid 19 has made that party impossible.

In lieu of my party, I have a different request for all of you. As a way of celebrating the end of my tenure at SNG and the wonderful new staff that will be hired in my place, I ask that you spend the last week of July doing activities that support Seward. I am sure you all have wonderful ideas of ways to do this on your own but to make it easy I will list a few suggestions of activities that will make a difference.
 Clean a few storm drains to protect the Mississippi
 Pick up trash along Franklin, I94, the river or anywhere
 Order take out from a local restaurant
 Stop by a local business or call in an order
 Buy gas in Seward
 Bring cookies to a neighbor or go shopping for them
 Donate to one of the great non-profits in Seward
 Go for a walk and greet every person you see
I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood as we all continue to make Seward a better place to live work and play.
Until we meet again,
Kerry Cashman
PS When all this is over Seward Montessori School is always looking for neighborhood volunteers to help in classrooms. Give me a call 612-688-4950.

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