SNG Letter to Minneapolis City Council Regarding Proposed 3rd Precinct Location

The below communication was sent to the Minneapolis City Council today in response to the proposal to move the MPD 3rd Precinct into the Seward Neighborhood. We greatly appreciate the input and involvement from our Seward neighbors in response to this proposal.

Minneapolis City Council Members,

The Seward Neighborhood was traumatized by the murder of George Floyd and the unrest that followed. Our neighbors have come together to discuss topics of policing alternatives, defunding the police, and how we can reduce crime while preventing the murder of our neighbors of color. We have barely begun the cleanup and healing from the murder and unrest and already you are asking us to move the 3rd Precinct into the Seward neighborhood.

The process of proposing and voting on the temporary 3rd Precinct site is concerning because of the lack of meaningful community input and engagement and because the Minneapolis Police Department has not made meaningful changes that ensures the safety of our neighbors of color. Because of this, the Seward Neighborhood Group asks that you table the vote on the temporary site to allow for more time for community input and engagement. Any action shy of tabling the proposal is negligent and will cause direct harm to our neighborhood.

As the City of Minneapolis had not conducted any engagement of our neighbors, Seward Neighborhood Group and Council Member Gordon were both forced to scramble to gather community feedback around the proposed site. Attached are written comments by neighbors inside and outside the Seward Neighborhood. The vast majority of neighbors who gave feedback said they do not want the temporary 3rd Precinct in the Seward Neighborhood.

We hope you listen to the voices of our neighborhood and our city when you vote against or to table the 3rd Precinct motion tomorrow.

Seward Neighborhood Group

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