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*Updated 12/11/2020

City Council approves 2021 City budget

budget The City Council has approved a roughly $1.5 billion City budget for 2021 – a budget plan that includes new investments in violence prevention efforts, new approaches to public safety and affordable housing.Mayor Jacob Frey signed the budget today. The budget includes a 5.75% tax levy increase. With a 12% increase in the overall tax base, three-quarters of Minneapolis residential property owners will see a decrease in their property tax bills with the median-valued household experiencing a $59 annual decrease. The 2021 City budget is $88 million (roughly 5.6%) less than the $1.56 billion City budget for 2020.Visit the City’s website to learn more about the budget. You can also watch a series of videos on the City’s budget process.Beginning 6 p.m. tonight, there’s a marathon weekend showing of all of the City Council meetings and hearings in the 2021 budget process. The City will rebroadcast them all back-to-back on Minneapolis City Council TV, Comcast channel 14 and 799 and on the City’s websiteLearn more

It is scheduled for the City of Minneapolis’ budget proposal to be voted in on December 9th, 2020. Below are included resources from which many are working including council members, residents, and local businesses.

2021 Mayor Frey’s Budget Proposal

Read the full plan HERE and watch his August address HERE.

Safety for All Budget Proposal

Co-author and Council Member Steve Fletcher of Ward 3 released the Safety for All Budget Proposal on Friday with Council Member Phillipe Cunningham and Council President Lisa Bender. You can read the full plan HERE and CM Fletcher’s entire message HERE.

2021 Minneapolis People’s Budget

Read the plan HERE and an open letter from small businesses including many from Seward HERE calling for the formation of emergency response teams.

Share your feedback

There are two upcoming online public hearings for people to share thoughts on the 2021 City Budget. Comments can also be submitted online at the City’s website and there are multiple ways to share using links in the documents above.

Remaining online public hearings

  • Wednesday, December 9 at 4:00 p.m.

Learn how to participate in online public hearings.

Comments submitted online will enter the public record and be shared with the mayor and council members. The City Council is scheduled to amend the Mayor’s proposed budget on Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4, and vote on adopting the budget Wednesday, December 9.

Visit the City’s website to learn more about the mayor’s recommended budget, key dates in the approval process, FAQs and more. You can also watch a series of videos on the City’s budget process.

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