SNG Election Timeline

In consultation with the Minneapolis Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) Department, Seward Neighborhood Group has established a timeline for board nominations and election in accordance with SNG bylaws.

Why an Election: SNG currently has eight (8) board vacancies, with eight (8) remaining board members, and a minimum of twelve (12) board members needed on the board according to our bylaws.

Wed., June 23, 2021 — Formal opening of nominations and an info session on the upcoming election will occur at the June Board Meeting beginning at 6:30pm. As per SNG bylaws, “At the meeting at which a termination is recorded, or at which the Board accepts a director’s resignation or in the event that a director ceases to be eligible for SNG membership, nominations for a new director will be opened and announced.”

Wed., July 28, 2021 — With vacancies on the board announced and nominations opened at the June meeting, in accordance with SNG’s bylaws, the election shall be held at the next board meeting on July 28 at 6:30pm.

Who can vote in the election: anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Seward can vote. Specifically, all SNG members can vote in board elections, and per SNG bylaws, anyone can be an SNG member who is a (1) resident of the Seward neighborhood; (2) owner of property in the neighborhood; (3) acting as the sole representative of a business in the neighborhood; (4) working within the neighborhood. New member registration will be provided at the meeting.

Who can run for the board: anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Seward can run for the board. In other words, any SNG member can run, including sole representatives of Seward businesses. However, note that as per bylaws no more than two board seats shall be allowed for business representatives, and SNG already has two business representatives (Faysal Osman and Shihab Mohammed)

How to run for election: after nominations are opened at the June 23 board meeting, community members will be able to nominate themselves through an online form and the nominations will be publicly viewable as they are submitted. Nominations will continue to be accepted through the July 28 board meeting.

Other logistics: Voting methods, independent vote tabulators, and other logistics will be announced at the June 23rd meeting or earlier.

SNG bylaws are located here.

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