Seward Small Grant Program

The SNG Small grants program is open for applications! In 2024, Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG) is making up to $20,000 of its reserve funds available to support community-led projects that benefit the residents of the Seward neighborhood.  At least $5,000 of these funds will support projects developed by or that have a direct benefit to members of the Seward renter community and/or the Seward East-African community.  

Proposals for the use of these funds can be made by Seward community members, SNG board members, SNG staff members, SNG committees, or SNG-affiliated working groups.

To apply, please read the Instruction for Applicants and then send a completed Application Form no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 to

Note: Proposals will be reviewed by the Seward Small Grant Review Committee following the May 1 deadline. This committee will forward recommendations to the SNG Board of Directors for a final decision by early May and successful proposals will be announced at the SNG Annual Meeting on May 15.

For more information, or for assistance in completing an application, send an email to

Criteria & Eligibility 

The Seward Small Grant Program Review Committee will use the following criteria to judge applications (and may devise a scoring/rating system to use with these criteria):

  1. Feasibility. How doable is the project? Does the scope of the project fit the budget? Will the project require any permissions (e.g. from property owners or government agencies) that might significantly slow down the project?
  2. Capacity. What is the capability of the applicant(s) to successfully complete the project? Do the applicants have the required skills and experience – or have they identified contractors with the necessary skills?
  3. Creativity. How imaginative or original is the project? Will the project inspire engagement?
  4. Alignment. Does the project fit with SNG’s current mission statement? What specific efforts are being made to make this project accessible and inclusive for commonly marginalized people? (For example people with disabilities, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, renters, East Africans, etc.).

SNG Mission Statement: SNG is an aspirational organization. We are committed to making our neighborhood more vital, equitable, livable, and sustainable – by building relationships, by engaging all community members, by promoting equitable and accessible development of the built environment, and by acting as stewards of our natural environment.