Public Safety Gathering invite from Cam Gordon

You are Invited to a Community Gathering on Proposed Reframing of Public Safety in The Minneapolis Charter.

The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police set off a worldwide wave of protests, including an uprising here in our city that left hundreds of businesses and homes damaged or destroyed. It is clear that the status quo is broken, and that it is time to make a transformative change to the way that we approach community safety. I believe that we have a unique opportunity and an obligation to transform the way we provide for each other’s safety this year in our City. The Council unanimously passed a resolution committing to do just that on June 12, stating that “the City Council will commence a year long process of community engagement, research, and structural change to create a transformative new model for cultivating safety in our city”:

As a next step, on June 26 the Council voted unanimously to put forward a Charter amendment, which I hope will be on this year’s ballot. Folks can find it here:

This amendment, if placed on the ballot, will do a few major things. It will remove the Police Department as a Charter department, and replace it with a new Community Safety and Violence Prevention department, which will “have responsibility for public safety services, prioritizing a holistic, public health-oriented approach.” It will not preclude the City from continuing to employ licensed police officers, but will also not require us to do so. The law enforcement division, if we choose to have one, will report to the Community Safety department, and the director of Community Safety will appoint the head of law enforcement, with the Council’s approval.

I strongly favor this change, which in my view is a necessary first step that will give us the flexibility we need to make the deep community engagement we will be doing on the future of community safety meaningful. Whatever the results of that engagement, and the path forward we all choose together, this Charter amendment will give us the ability to move forward.

I believe that it’s time for that engagement to start now, so I am hosting a number of community gatherings to discuss the Charter amendment, answer any questions people may have, and discuss further how this might move forward this year. Keeping in mind that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be hosting these meetings in neighborhood parks. Please feel free to join the meeting in your neighborhood, or that is most convenient for you. Please remember to bring your mask, and expect to remain physically distant from other attendees.

Brackett Park, Saturday, July 4, 11:00 am
Murphy Park, Sunday, July  5, 1:00 pm
Luxton Park, Monday, July 6,  6:30 pm
Matthews Park, Saturday, July 11,  1:00 pm
Van Cleve Park, Sunday, July 12, 2:00 pm

I also understand that some of these times may not be ideal for everyone. I want to assure everyone that this will definitely not be the last opportunity to get engaged on this important topic.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out, if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns. You can email me at, and my Policy Aide Robin Garwood at

Ward 6 Candidate Virtual Town Hall – July 9 at 6:30 PM

Picture of Ward 6 with neighborhood names.

A special municipal election will be held on Tuesday August 11, 2020 for
Ward 6 for the seat vacated by Abdi Warsame.

For information about the election, follow this link:

Seward Neighborhood Group is holding an online Town Hall on Thursday, July
9th from 6:30 – 8:30PM. We have invited all 12 candidates to attend. Each
will be allowed 2.5 minutes for an introduction, the chance to answer 2 – 4
questions and a 2 minute closing statement.

Link here for event:

This page lists all the candidates.,_Minnesota_(2020)

If you would like to have your question asked during our Town Hall, please
submit it here:

Facebook event link:

See you on the 9th!

SNG Virtual Board Meeting June 24

Join us for the SNG Board of Directors meeting Wednesday June 24, 2020.
Zoom Meeting ID:

6:30    Introductions with Pronouns
Icebreaker Question: What is something you do better than most people?

6:45    Agenda & Minutes Approval
May BoD Minutes:

June Special Board Meeting Minutes:

6:50    Board candidates intro

  • We will have 11 board members after the June meeting, with the following in mind:
    • Ellen has to step down due to relocation of residence
    • Paige will be leaving in August
    • Alexis hopes to step back at end of July
  • We conducted board candidate screenings during the Special BoD meeting and this meeting.
  • An electronic ballot will then be sent out to board members for a vote after the 6/24 BoD meeting.
  • Candidates will be notified of the vote results following the voting process.
  • Current Candidates:

7:05    Ward 6 Update – inviting Yusra Arab and Ryan SanCartier
7:10    Ward 2 Update – Councilmember Cam Gordon
7:17    Financial Review – Paige

  • May financial reports

7:30    Culturally-Specific Food Drive Recap
7:40    Seward Business Fundraiser Update

  • Status of project and disbursements for round one
  • How to participate for discussions around round two disbursements

7:50    Seward Policing/Public Safety Discussions

  • Clarify the scope, goals, desired outcome, and plans for the outcome of the project.
    • Do we want to simply host community discussions or host discussions with goals of presenting to the City or other decision-making bodies?

8:05    Staffing Updates

  • Updates regarding staffing traits and skills meeting
  • Updates regarding potential use of consultants with organizational structure discussions and hiring process

8:10    Seeking Leadership Positions

  • Vice President or Co-President
  • Treasurer
    • Paige moving in August
    • Lisa has expressed willingness. If elected, this would open the at-large position on the Executive Committee
  • CDC Chair – without a staff person attending these meetings, it is best for a board member to chair the committee, rather than a community member.

8:20    MPRB’s Sanctuary Vote

Vote allows Minneapolis parks to be used as sanctuary for people experiencing homelessness

  • Do we want to provide any input on or a response to this decision?

8:25    Announcements

  • Voting on New Board Members
  • Please complete your vote at the below link

8:30    Adjourn

Food Drive Report and Gratitude!

Thank you to all the Seward friends and neighbors who donated to our Food Drive on Saturday, June 20th.  We had tables full of beautiful fresh produce, spices, and dried beans among lots of other great items.  We are also so grateful to the large group of volunteers who showed up and worked for hours.  We even were treated with fresh donuts!  Thanks everyone!


Upcoming SNG Meetings

All meetings are virtual meetings for the foreseeable future. Email blasts and web posts will be sent prior to meetings with agenda and Zoom meeting ID info.
SNG Board Meeting:  June 24,  6:30 – 8:30PM.  Meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday of the month. email
Community Equity and Inclusion Meeting:  July 3, 10:30. email
Community Building Committee: July 7, 7 PM. email the first Tuesday of the month).

Community Development Committee:  July 14, 7PM in Matthews Center.  Meets the second Tuesday of the Month.

Culturally specific food and Supply Drive Sat. June 20

Saturday, June 20th
10 – 12 drop-off
12 – 2 Pickup

We have highlighted items that are in high demand at the following grocery stores in Seward, Shabelle Grocery at 2325 East Franklin Ave. and Seward Market, 2431 East Franklin Ave.  Please consider shopping for your donations at these two locations. You will support local businesses and help Seward neighbors by getting the food they regularly eat.

Address where we will be hosting the food drive:
Seward Towers East
2910 East Franklin Ave

Volunteers needed: email or just show up.
Look for these markers in the Seward stores

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 9.34.14 AM

Calling all Seward Enthusiasts!

Do you think Seward is a great place for you to live or work? We do too!  We are inviting people to self-nominate to be on the Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG) board. Candidates will be introduced at the June 24th Board of Directors meeting and elections will take place immediately following the meeting.

SNG has been essential in Seward to:

  • fostering a vibrant, safe, and healthy community
  • supporting a successful business district
  • celebrating the diversity of our neighborhood
  • creating opportunities to connect with our neighbors

The board welcomes people 18 years or older who live or work in the Seward neighborhood. At present, the SNG board is going to be short by 4 members of its minimum and the make-up is not representative of our neighborhood make-up as a whole. We’re in particular need of representation by people of color, and renters. We need your service, please!

Here’s a few expectations for you to consider:

– 2 year term

– Monthly 90 minute meetings on the 4th Wednesday

– Participate in at least one committee: communications, community development, community building, equity and inclusion, neighborhood history, and/or fundraising.

– Contribute financially to SNG each year (any contribution is welcome)

– Volunteer for SNG activities/events

– Average total volunteer time per month: 5 to 10 hours

If you’re interested (and we really hope you are!), please send a short biography of yourself (no more than 200 words) to Kerry at and also complete the following candidate survey:

Thanks for your interest,
Seward Neighborhood Group

photo © Liza Davitch

photo © Liza Davitch

Seward Towers Food & Supply Drive Sat. June 20

SNG is hosting a food and supply drive next Saturday, June 20. Donations can be dropped off in Seward Towers East parking lot from 10 -12am and people can pick up items from 12 -2. If you are buying items for our drive please consider buying from our two minority owned grocery stores Shabelle Grocery at 2325 Franklin Ave. or Seward Market at the corner of 25th Ave. and Franklin.

We also need volunteers from 9 – 3, come for the entire time or just an hour or two. Email if you are planning to come but feel free to just show up if that works better.

Facebook event HERE.

Food Drive Requests. We have highlighted items that are in high demand:


Halal food, no products with pork or gelatin

Aim for healthy and holistic, the less processed, the better.

  • Dried Beans-lentils-split peas-garbanzo beans-kidney beans
  • Basmati Rice bags
  • Dried Corn
  • Oil
  • Pasta-Spaghetti and macaroni shapes
  • Fresh produce
  • Spices
  • Tea/coffee
  • Flour


  • Diapers (sizes NB-6, especially larger sizes and pull ups)
  • Baby formula (including sensitive)
  • Baby wipes

Personal hygiene

  • Sanitary products (pads, tampons)
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner (for ethnic hair)
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste


  • Dish soap
  • Hand soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwasher detergent


  • Baby Tylenol
  • Neosporin
  • First aid kits
  • Allergy medicine
  • Teething medicine


Food Distribution Today Friday June 12

FREE fresh produce for families, 10 am THIS morning at the Brian Coyle Center. Thank you Zakat Foundation of America!


Help Seward Rebuild

Make a donation to support Seward neighborhood’s small businesses and community organizations!

Seward neighborhood’s businesses were badly damaged by looting and arson following the murder of George Floyd. The ownership of our businesses represents the diversity of the Seward neighborhood. They are small, community focused, and many are immigrant and minority owned. Our businesses provide goods and services that meet the immediate needs of our neighborhood. They need your support.

100% of your donation will go directly to helping Seward businesses rebuild. We will distribute the funds equitably and ensure that our neighborhood effectively supports its amazing organizations.

This GoFundMe page was organized in coordination with Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG), Seward Redesign, and Seward Civic and Commerce Association (SCCA).