Hennepin County Deconstruction grants available

Reuse and recycle building materials from remodeling and construction projects

To help divert waste from landfills, Hennepin County has grants available for homeowners and developers to deconstruct buildings to salvage building materials rather than demolish them.

deconstruction grants

Big opportunities to reuse and recycle building materials

Many building materials have the potential to be salvaged and reused or recycled. In fact, about 85 percent of the materials in a typical demolition or remodeling project could be salvaged and kept out of landfills. But currently, only about 30 percent of building materials are reused or recycled.

Deconstruction involves carefully dismantling buildings to salvage materials for reuse. Commonly salvaged building materials include old growth lumber, doors, flooring, cabinets and fixtures.

Deconstruction provides numerous environmental and social benefits compared to standard demolition. Deconstruction prevents usable materials from going to the landfill, makes building materials available to the community, provides jobs, and supports local reuse retailers.

Grants help offset added time and labor costs

deconstruction grantIn a deconstruction project, a building is taken apart, mostly by hand, and materials are sorted into categories for efficient recycling and reuse.

Compared to standard demolition techniques that use mechanical equipment to knock down structures, the additional labor costs and time with deconstruction can be a deterrent.

Homeowners and developers of residential properties can receive up to $5,000 to help offset the additional costs associated with deconstruction.

Grants are available for demolition or renovation projects that are 250 square feet or larger on structures built prior to 1970. Currently, properties must be in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Deephaven, Edina, Excelsior, Greenfield, Greenwood, Hopkins, Minneapolis, Maple Grove, Mound, St. Louis Park, and Woodland. Additional cities will be recruited for participation as the program expands.

Learn more about the grants including eligibility and requirements at hennepin.us/deconstruction.

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