Equity & Inclusion Meeting Fri. 8/7 10:30

Hello Seward friends! The ‘equity & inclusion’ committee will be meeting this Friday August 7 @ 10:30 am via Zoom. We are looking forward to coming together as neighbors to discuss how we can be a more inclusive and equitable community.



10:30 am


  • Brief intros
  • Icebreaker: What does equity mean to you?
  • Review & approve July minutes



  • Consensus vs. voting (previously the group had agreed on consensus, is this still what we want?) 
  • Announcements: Motion from last meeting passed (SNG’s Equity and Inclusion committee advocates for defunding the police department as described in the proposed Charter Commission Amendment and we ask SNG to endorse efforts to pass the Charter Commission Amendment). Anything else?

10:45 am 

  • Circle Process (Anne): This had previously been discussed as the method we’d like to use for these meetings–we will try today, and see how people feel–everyone ok with this?
    • Group norms (speak from the heart, say just enough, speak from the heart, listen to understand not to respond, stay present, timekeeper, what else?) 

 10:55 am Determining committee focus, tasks, & next steps (tabled from last meeting):

11:30 am Review next steps (who wants to do what, timeline, minute taker for next 

meeting, etc.)

11:40 am Choose committee name – time permitting (see survey notes)

12:00 pm Adjourn

Survey Responses

What would you like the E&I committee to work on internally (SNG)? 

  • I am less aware of the “internal” focus of this work.  I would defer this to the SNG Board and staff.
  • Discussing honestly what hasn’t worked about recruiting diverse board members in the past. Brainstorming and implementing ideas to make the structure of SNG more transparent and accessible to different kinds of people, and to new members in general. Recruiting a diverse set of new board members and staff (filling Sam’s position). 
  • i would like to see that committee bridge the gap between the communities
  • Addressing how SNG can be more of a welcoming and collaborative environment for our neighborhood’s different identities and backgrounds (ex. Pronouns during introductions, learning about the neighborhood’s different cultures, and learning what hurdles and roadblocks limit engagement of some neighbors).
  • I’d like to see some members get weeded out. I don’t like the idea of people showing up and not wanting or intending on contributing to the committee’s goals. The last thing this committee needs is for folks to infiltrate and co-opt our work. 
  • diversify the board, diversify events and make more inclusive, increase cultural awareness and humility, practice more inclusive outreach and event planning practices
  • Ice breakers for cross cultural relationship building, creative use of the website to help educate white folks on Somali culture, food, values, and language (basics). 
  • Blending the community.  These comments really resonated with me at the June meeting.  


What would you like the E&I committee to work on externally (Community/Neighborhood)?

  • I like the idea of working to get more inclusive participation from the broader, diverse community.  I also like the idea of facilitating cross-cultural participation.
  • Building partnerships with diverse community organizations and partners by listening and supporting their work before asking for their help.
  • safety first
  • Bridging relationships between East African and White communities. Raising up leaders of color 
  • in the neighborhood as well as BIPOC owned businesses, supporting resources for vulnerable populations.
  • I’d like to see systemic change take place in SNG at large. 
  • Participate in diverse and inclusive neighborhood events, increase cultural awareness and humility 
  • Something fun and music/dance oriented. I feel like we’re locked into being enraged, which has a time and place, but to segue into relationship building, laughter and fun will create relationships. 
  • Alternative models to the current system of policing. 
  • Connecting with Seward people of color to find out what their experience of the current public safety system has been like, and how they would like to see it change.
  • Connecting with the city council to find out how they are going about changing the public safety system.
  • Connecting with other neighborhood organizations and activist groups to find out how they are going about changing the public safety system.


What hopes or goals do you have for this committee?

  • I would like this committee to get to a point (even if it takes a couple of meetings) where there are some clear, actionable goals that are also attainable.  I think we talked about A LOT of options at the first meeting – which was great.  But starting to think, even big picture around where we want to focus would be great (i.e. – making SNG more inclusive and diverse, cross-cultural dialogues, or broader equity issues outside of SNG, etc.).  I also think diversifying the membership of this committee would be great.  
  • I hope it’s whatever the members want it to be! And that it helps SNG diversify membership and leadership, build deep partnerships with diverse organizations, and share power equitably.
  • i am hoping that this committee will reach out diverse community in our neighborhood
  • To help guide SNG and Seward Neighborhood to be more inclusive and welcoming spaces to all types of people.
  • I hope this committee can right the many wrongs that have taken place in Seward in regards to equity & inclusion. 
  • For it to represent the neighborhood and be inclusive of all. For all committee members to be active and participate.
  • Practical event and community facilitation
  • Understand the history of our neighborhood to understand how and why it became so segregated and has stayed that way, align hopes and goals with BIPOC community members and leaders, true integration in the community, how can we support the larger Minneapolis community in dismantling systems that make this city one of the worst in racial disparities in the country. 
  • One hope is to help create a more blended community in Seward, which leads to greater equity and fairness for all the residents here.  Another focus is helping to determine what appropriate policing looks like in our community and to have a voice which helps to direct a vision for all of Minneapolis.  
  • To connect with Seward-ites and build a more equitable and inclusive neighborhood and city.


Committee Name Ideas


Equity & Inclusion Committee

Equity Committee 

I like F.U.N.! or E&I (F.U.N. = Focused on Unifying Neighbors)


Minute-takers (thank you!)









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