HOME Line: Tenant organizing webinar — Organizing Tenant Associations in a Pandemic!

How can we organize with our neighbors while staying safe during the pandemic? On Thursday, March 4th at 6:00 PM, HOME Line will host an online webinar about how renters can build power while social distancing and protecting our health. Tenant leaders from the Burlington Residents Association and the 262 Tenants Association will share their best tips and tricks. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

This free webinar will be held live on the Zoom webinar platform and will be recorded. This event is designed for an audience of tenants and renter advocates. You must register in advance to attend.

Please note that we will provide general organizing information and practical advice during this webinar. If you are a renter in Minnesota and you have a legal question about your specific housing situation, please contact our free tenant hotline: 612-728-5767

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