Neighborhood Engagement Committee 3/2 at 7pm

The Neighborhood Engagement Committee is meeting tomorrow 3/2 at 7pm. Join zoom meeting HERE and view it on SNG’s website calendar.

Update: the working group for youth service will meet Wednesday at 4 rather than tonight at 7. Zoom link will be posted on the calendar.


7:00 Welcome and Intros- 30 seconds to a minute 

● Call to order 

● Designate minute taker 

● Designate a timekeeper 


● Vote to approve previous month’s minutes

7:10 Updates of vaccine working group (Matt)

7:15 Updates and discussion of youth work 

● MS86 Youth book work group update (Anne) 

● Youth book club 826 update (Marcel) 

● Advantage Services (Sam? Faisal?) 

7:45 2021 Events and Discussion 

● Vote to approve Sam’s suggestion of moving King’s fair to even years 

● Garage Sale 

– Permission to have it in triangle park, and/or towers yard 

– Pressure to open community rooms in the towers for the Garage Sale 

– Permission for residents of apartment buildings to use their front yards 

– Homes, garages, and yards 

8:30 Adjourn

NEC materials

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