Encampment & Houseless Resources

Resources for navigating encampment formation, resources for houseless neighbors and property owners from the City of Minneapolis Homeless Response Team. Find more information about the City’s HRT and the City’s response to homelessness on their website.

What to do if you believe an encampment is forming on your property

The Homeless Response Team (HRT) supports private property owners in managing encampments. The HRT will assess the encampment and offer resources to people who are staying there.

You can contact either:

To curb trespassing, you can:

To report continued trespassing or criminal activity:

Property owner responsibilities

You are responsible for cleaning up trash on your property.

If there are syringes, use appropriate protective gear and dispose of them safely.

Once the property is cleared, it is your responsibility to secure the property so people do not return.

Information to share with unsheltered individuals on your property

If you think an encampment is forming, you may share this information with the individuals trespassing on your property.

Hennepin County Resources

The City provides a comprehensive list of resources for people experiencing homelessness or financial hardship.

Adult Shelter Connect (single adults)612-248-2350
Hennepin County Shelter Team (family shelter)612-348-9410
After-Hours Shelter Team (family shelter)
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