Our Trees Need a Deep Drink Before Winter!

Thanks to all those Seward neighbors who stepped up to water boulevard and yard trees during our extremely dry summer. With a second summer of severe
drought, our beloved trees were -and still are – in peril. 

As you are all aware, autumn has not brought any drought relief; our region is now running nearly 10 inches below normal rainfall for the year and there is no rain in sight. *Please give all your trees, both in your yard and on the boulevard a deep watering before the ground freezes. *An arborist reminded me to not forget the evergreens and to water them right up until the ground freezes, given the high rate of evergreen loss he is observing around he city. Without a recharging of moisture this fall, trees will be carrying the deficit caused by a two year drought into a third year and that does not bode well for the health and survival of our trees.

Effective tree watering tips from the Seward Tree Group. 

Thanks to community member Ann Gilbert for this information.

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