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Fire Safety & Prevention Spring Cleanup List

Change your Smoke Alarm Batteries! – if you haven’t already done so (daylight savings is a reminder to “change your clock, change your batteries”), please change the batteries in your smoke alarms. If your smoke alarm is older than 7…

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Home Security Checklist

Are your doors locked whether you are in the house or not? Is your front door locked while you are in the back yard (and vice versa)? Do you lock your doors when you leave the house for even a…

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Register your Bike!

Do you plan on going for some springtime bike rides? Keep in mind that thousands of bikes are stolen in Minneapolis every year. Though many are recovered, most lack identification and are never returned to their owners. Find out how…

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Seward Garage Sale Days

The Seward Garage Sale Days are coming up! Friday May 15th and Saturday May 16th will be the official dates.  Seward Neighborhood Group puts together a map of the participating houses and advertises the event. This is a great opportunity…

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Seward Spread Joy Fund

Seward Spread Joy Fund: Winner Announcement The Seward Spread Joy Fund is a grant program made possible by an anonymous donor and administrated by the Seward Neighborhood Group. Its intention is to provide up to $1,000 every year to allow…

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King’s Fair Planning Committee

This year’s King’s Fair is scheduled for Saturday, September 19th and will be bigger and better than ever before! SNG is forming a planning committee for this event. If you are interested, please call Kerry at 612-877-1928 or email at…

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